Series E: Food Technology

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No. 1


Dan CHICEA, Ovidiu Tiţa, Mihaela Tiţa, Ecaterina Lengyel

estimating wine yeast concentration by speckle size measurement

Aurelia HOROTAN, Simona OANCEA
Effects of fungicide and acetylsalicylic acid treatments on the physiological and enzymatic activity in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum mill.)

Anca TIFREA, Ovidiu TIŢA , Endre MÁTHÉ, Otto KETNEY

physicochemical parameters of probiotic yogurt with bioactive natural products from sea buckthorn
Otto Ketney, Ecaterina LENGYEL, Ovidiu TITA, Anca ȚIFREA
content variation of iron and copper in wine obtained from wine vineyards recaş
Olga DRĂGHICI, Ionuţ AVRAM, Daniela HÎRÎCIU, Mădălina NAN, Alina TOADER
Study of the beef pigments

No. 2 Content
Tamás ANTAL, László SIKOLYA, Benedek KEREKES
assessment of freezing pre-treatments for the freeze dried of apple slices
Aleksey Vinnov, Dmitro Prasol
nzymatic hydrolysis kinetic analysis of the various source proteins
Research papers and short communications presented at the Conference Integrated systems for Agri-Food Production SIPA 2013
Miroslava INGVORTOVÁ, Bohuslav Čermák, Luboš ZÁBRANSKÝ, Anna Šimková, Kateřina Švejdová, Miloslav ŠOCH
effects of flax seed supplementation to lactating goats on milk fatty acid content
Bohuslav Čermák, Jana HNISOVÁ, Eva PETRÁŠKOVÁ, Kamila PEJCHOVÁ, Miloslav ŠOCH, Bohuslav VOSTOUPAL, Dumitru TUCU
possibilities of influencing the results on performance and health of calves with biopolym preparat
Anna ŠIMKOVÁ, Miloslav ŠOCH, Kateřina ŠVEJDOVÁ, Luboš Zábranský, Pavel Novák, Jan Brouček, Bohuslav Čermák, Václav Pálka, Kristýna ŠIMÁK-LÍBALOVÁ
Effect of the new technology of cattle housing waterbeds on comfort, health and milk production
Natalia Sergeevna Rodionova, Evgeniy Sergeevich Popov, Adriana Birca, Liviu Gaceо
The influence of sous-vide treatment on the form of moisture in large-vegetable meat systems
effect of biologically active substances formed by baccilus coagulans TI on the growth of crops
Cristina POPOVICI, Nina MIJA, Adriana BIRCA, Iulia IATCO
Compliance with labeling legislation of the republic of moldova in the field of confectionery product
Miloslav Šoch, Otakar Fiala, Jana Šťastná, Jan Brouček, Petr TEJML, Luboš Smutný, Šárka SMUTNÁ, Bohuslav Čermák, Luboš Zábranský, Anna Šimková, Kateřina Švejdová, Marcela Raabová, Václav Pálka
assessment of the impact of automatic milking on the selected parameters of dairy cows welfare
Jan KALÍŠEK, Ivana KNÍŽKOVÁ, Pavel ONDR, Miloslav ŠOCH
evaluation microclimate in the stable national stud farm in kladruby nad labem
Václav PÁLKA, Miloslav ŠOCH, Luboš ZÁBRANSKÝ, Kateřina ŠVEJDOVÁ, Anna ŠIMKOVÁ, Zdeněk PEKSA, Hana DUŠOVÁ
Influence of different housing systems on the welfare of calves
Kateřina ŠVEJDOVÁ, Miloslav ŠOCH, Anna ŠIMKOVÁ, Luboš ZÁBRANSKÝ, Pavel NOVÁK, Jan BROUČEK , Bohuslav ČERMÁK, Václav PÁLKA,  Kristýna ŠIMÁK-LÍBALOVÁ
measuring the body surface temperature of animals using a thermographic camera
the study of the baking ovens by computer simulation
G.V. Abramov, Ivan V. Zheltoukhov
development of the structure of intellectual automatic control system
Luboš ZÁBRANSKÝ, Miloslav ŠOCH, Pavel NOVÁK, Jan BROUČEK, Anna Šimková, Kateřina Švejdová, Bohuslav Čermák, Dana JIROTKOVÁ, Václav PÁLKA
Utilization possibilities of prebiotics and probiotics in prevention and health care of calves
Dana JIROTKOVÁ, Miloslav Šoch, Naděžda Kernerová, Václav PÁLKA, luboš ZÁBRANSKÝ, Iveta MAREŠOVÁ
Possibilities of the use of electrolyzed water in poultry breeding
The usage of information technology for evaluation of animal welfare
Kristýna ŠIMÁK-LÍBALOVÁ, Miloslav ŠOCH, Anna ŠIMKOVÁ, Kateřina ŠVEJDOVÁ, Václav PÁLKA, Luboš ZÁBRANSKÝ, Bohuslav ČERMÁK
the influence of parasitic infection on the blood count of the extensively reared sheep