Series E: Food Technology

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No. 1

Content AUCFT 2004, vol. 8, no. 1

Mihai Ognean, Technological aspects of flour enrichment with  iron

Abstract PDF
Monica Mironescu, Claudia Schierle, Influence of working parameters on the viscosity of thermal treated corn starch suspensions
Abstract PDF
Liliana Nicoleta Māndrean, Elena Alina Jianu, Neli Darie, Claudia Felicia Ognean, Mihai Ognean, Study on the valorification of germinated wheat on a product called “Apinutrigerm’’
Abstract PDF
Ion Dan Mironescu, A scientific research results management system I. Architecture
Abstract PDF
Ramona Ioana Ciovică, Iuliana Bratu, Repetability and reproductibility-tests for evaluation and validity of the analytical data
Abstract PDF

Cristina STANCĂ-MOISE, Moise George, Ştefan Bahcivangi, Tehnologies for breeding and food capitalization of the  snails (Helix pomatia) in conditions of adhesion of  Romania to E.U.

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No. 2 Content AUCFT 2004, vol. 8, no. 2

Maria Lidia IANCU, Vasile JĀŞCANu,  Biotechnological methods and modern techniques of ensuring the bread quality
Abstract PDF
Monica ROMAN, Physical – chemical and microbiological aspects of raw-dry sausages
Abstract PDF
Florina Demetrescu, Quality control in the food industry conforming to iso 9000. process map and process diagrams Abstract PDF