Series E: Food Technology

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No. 1

Content AUCFT 2005, vol. 9, no. 1

Gabriela Rāpeanu, Mircea Bulancea, Thermal inactivation kinetics of polyphenoloxidase extracted from white grapes Abstract PDF
Magda Gabriela Bratu, Synthesis of curcumin derivatives
Abstract PDF
Maria TURTOI, Anca NICOLAU, Survival of Candida mycoderma cells under intense light pulses treatment on glass used as packaging material
Abstract PDF
Maria Lidia Iancu, Monica Mironescu, Vionela Mironescu, Influence of corn and potato starch on the gingerbread characteristics
Abstract PDF
Monica ROMAN, The presence of nitrites, nitrates and heavy metals in raw-dry meat products in the Brasov area, Romania
Abstract PDF

Monica ROMAN, Physical – chemical and microbiological aspects of raw-dry sausages

Abstract PDF

No. 2 Content AUCFT 2005, vol. 9, no. 2

Vasile Jascanu, Elena Daniela Stefoane, Influence of enzymes as amylase, hemycellulare and xylanase on the rheological characteristics of type 650 wheat flour
Abstract PDF
Vasile Jascanu, Elena Daniela Stefoane, Comparative effects of the influence of lipase, lipoxygenase and provaflor on the rheological characteristics of wheat flour
Abstract PDF
Letiţia OPREAN, Maria POPLĂCEAN, The evaluation of bacteriological indicators of the water from Sibiu’s water supplies during 2001 – 2004
Abstract PDF
Letiţia oprean, Monica Mironescu, Ion Dan mironescu, Ecaterina lengyel, Improvement of the microbiological quality of extreme hypersaline lakes in Ocna Sibiului Romania using mathematical models Abstract PDF