Series E: Food Technology

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No. 1

Content AUCFT 2002, vol. 6, no. 1

Mira Elena IONICA, Elena GAVRILESCU,Violeta NOUR Study on the level of Gamma Ray Radiactivity in the Soil, Water and horticultural Products from the Craiova-Bechet Area, Dolj County
Violeta NOUR, Constantin BANU Hydrodinamic, rheological, and thermal Characterisation of  Soy Protein Isolates
Iuliana Manea PREDA Researches about Influence of some Agents on Pigments Content in Meat
C. BADUCA CAMPEANU, M. GHEORGHITA, Camelia MUNTEAN, P. BANITA, Laura IONICA Recherche concernant la structure cromatique des vins rouges de l'aire viticole Sahateni-Naieni-Breaza
I.I. RUSU, D. ZAHARIEA, B. CIOBANU Small Power eolian Plants for isolated Consumers

No. 2 Content AUCFT 2002, vol. 6, no. 2

loan VONICA, Ilie Lica CANDIN, Energetic aspects concerning the mechanical compression of secondary vapour in worth boiling process
Mariana Liliana BRUDIU, Mircea BULANCEA, Improving   of a method for the protein content quantification in white wines
Maria Lidia IANCU, Vionela MIRONESCU, Researches on the possibility of improving the caramel mass characteristics by maltodextrines addition
Ion Dan MIRONESCU, Decision support system for design and control of the enzymatic production of glucose syrups
loan DANCIU, Mihai OGNEAN, Comparative analysis of protein content in flour fractions obtained after each grinding step at wheat milling
Mariana Liliana BRUDIU, Mircea BULANCEA, Comparative study of three tests for protein instability estimation in white wines Abstract