Series E: Food Technology

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No. 1 Content AUCFT 2007, vol. 11, no. 1

  Maya IGNATOVA, Velislava Lyubenova, Control of class bioprocesses using on-line information of intermediate metabolite production and consumption rates
Abstract PDF
 Silviya BORISOVA POPOVA, Adaptive control for PHB production Abstract PDF
Monica MIRONESCU, Ioan Nicolae Ranga, Vionela mironescu, Action of some biopolymeric mixtures on the structure formation and consistency in dairy acid products
Abstract PDF
Vionela MIRONESCU, Adrian TRIFAN, Influence of the glucose syrup composition on the quality of high boiled syrups Abstract PDF
 Mihai OGNEAN, Claudia-Felicia OGNEAN, Neli DARIE, Technological aspects of the addition of several types of hydrocolloids in bread Abstract

No. 2 Content AUCFT 2007, vol. 11, no. 2

Melania – Dana POPA, Mariana Neamţu, Fritz H. Frimmel, Photodegradation of octylphenol using simulated sunlight radiation Abstract PDF
Dana Vlascici, Eugenia Făgădar-Cosma, Elena Maria Pică, Constantin Măruţoiu, Otilia Spiridon-Bizerea, Otilia Costişor, Viorica Cosma, Determination of fluoride in different samples with potentiometric methods
Abstract PDF
Maria POPLĂCEAN, Quality analysis of Ocna Sibiului’s lakes. I. Physical-chemical and bacteriological description of waters Abstract PDF
Sabin-George ALBU, Public screening to assess today’s food choice in germinated seeds
Abstract PDF
Sabin-George ALBU, Investigation of the antioxidant properties of germinated seeds
Abstract PDF
Ion-Dan MIRONESCU, A framework for food processing plant modelling
Abstract PDF
Mihai OGNEAN, Claudia-Felicia OGNEAN, Neli DARIE, Sensorial and nutritional influence of several types of hydrocolloids in bread Abstract PDF