Series E: Food Technology

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No. 1

Content AUCFT 2011 vol. 15, no. 1


Simona OANCEA, Letiția OPREAN, Anthocyanins, from biosynthesis in plants to human health benefits Abstract PDF
Research papers

Maria Lidia IANCU, GŁnter Haubelt, Rheological behavior of dough with  potato variety Laura and Impala in presence of NaCl and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Carmen Monica CretU, Alexandra Crisu-Bota, Simona Oancea, Adrian Turtureanu, Mariana Liliana Pacala, environmental aspects of purification of phenolic waste waters by mediated electrooxidation with ce4+/ce3+ and monitored by hplc
Adrian TURTUREANU, Carmen Monica Cretu, Cecilia GEORGESCU,  Cadmium removal from aqueous solutions by flotation with anionic collector
Short communication

Letiţia Oprean, Ramona Maria IancU, Lucian Radu Gabriel, Simona Carmen Liţescu, Georgiana Ileana Truică, HPLC analysis of vitamin B12 in fodder and goat milk
Abstract PDF

No. 2 Content AUCFT 2011 vol. 15, no. 2

Research papers

Elena Traistaru, Comparative study on the microbiological quality of water cooler dispensers and tap water
Abstract PDF
Csilla Katalin DEZSI, Optimization of invertase production by yeast strains from the genus Saccharomyces
Abstract PDF
Original papers

Tănase TĂNASE, Ioan DANCIU, The equilibration of the pneumatic conveyor pipelines when employing overpressured pneumatic conveyor systems with a single air-blower
Abstract PDF
Tănase TĂNASE, Ioan DANCIU, The use of the principle of cascade pumps in the pneumatic conveying in the milling industry
Abstract PDF
Daniel VIZITIU, Ioan DANCIU, Evaluation of farinograph and mixolab for prediction of mixing properties of industrial wheat flour
Abstract PDF
Short presentation PHD thesis

Cristina Anca DANCIU, Vasile J¬ȘCANU, researches regarding the wheat grinding optimisation, in the first break, for saving the milling energy Abstract PDF