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Universitatea „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu





The KNOWinFOOD project is developed under the umbrella of Erasmus+, KA2. The project should strengthen the cooperation between the Knowledge Triangle components: HIGH EDUCATION (HE) as knowledge producer; Academic RESEARCH as creativity source; BUSINESS with entrepreneurship on the task of active engaging the students in food design and development.

More information on the project:




To bring together students’ education and industrial innovation in a collaborative environment, to stimulate and guide the development of innovative food which capitalise tradition and envisage sustainability.




HE: design an innovative and attractive educational approach to develop students’ skills in food innovation;

RESEARCH: systematise knowledge on traditional foods, sustainable resources, innovative food ingredients and processes, to be used as support for innovative food development;

BUSINESS: recruit and train students in an efficient way as future employees.




– Students studying for a bachelor, master or PhD degree in fields related to food production at partners universities.

– Trainers/teachers from partners’ universities;

– Organisations in the food industry area.



September 1, 2016 – February 28, 2019



1)  University ”Lucian Blaga” Sibiu, Romania;

2)  University ”Claude Bernard” Lyon, France;

3)  University of Food Technology Plovdiv, Bulgaria;

4)  University of Debrecen, Hungary;

5)  Supremia S.A. Romania

+ Industrial partners of each university, as collaborators


HOW TO APPLY – for students


Three trainings (T1, T2 and T3) will be organised.

T1: July – October 2017

T2: February – April 2018

T3: July – October 2018

Each training will have two parts:

•       on-line training in the collaborative environment (web platform) to design innovative foods, 3 months;

•       Practical training at ULBS + Supremia to develop food prototypes, 1 week.

Total number of trained students: 40

Travel and accommodation costs will be supported by Erasmus+.


Trained students’ gains:

  • Certificate of participation to an international training project KNOWinFOOD;
  • 6 European ECTS recognized credits;
  • competence in developing innovative food products;
  • Language skills (English).


KNOWinFOOD addresses to the participants in innovation in the food industry, namely students, industry and teaching staff, as follows:

1) Industry specialists propose topics for innovative products to be developed within the organization (the subject may also refer to the improvement of technology to obtain an innovative product);

2) Students choose from the proposed topics and bring solutions for innovative products or process improvement. They write short essays describing the innovative products proposed in terms of: innovative element (s), traditionally associated product, environmental benefits (natural, social, cultural) and marketing aspects. In finding the innovative product solution, students have at their disposal knowledge bases for traditional products, sustainable resources and innovative ingredients, all developed within the project. Student essays are made available to food industry units to develop innovative products;

3) Based on essays, a small number of students (40 students, 10 students for each participating university) are selected to participate in three on-line and practical trainings for the development of innovative food prototypes. Essays can be the basis for developing innovative food prototypes, as industry collaborators want and this is possible (see figure below).

Detailed information can be found on the project website:


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