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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Food Engineering Higher Education in Sibiu
September 23-35, 2020, SIBIU

Instructions for the authors

The papers will have an even number of pages.
Maximum dimension of posters: A0
  • Page format: A4
  • Page margins: left, right, up, down: 2.5 cm;
  • Text: Times New Roman, font:12, line spacing: 1.5
  • Text arrangement in the page:
  • Title: TNR 14, bold, centered, capitalized, at two blank lines from the top
  • Authors’ names and affiliation: TNR 10, bold, left aligned, at one blank line from the title. Affiliation marked with superscript, on the next line, TNR 10, italic.
  • Abstract: TNR 10, italic, bold, in English, one blank line after the authors’ names, left aligned.
  • Keywords: one blank line from the Abstract, TNR 10, bold.
  • Content of the paper: TNR 12, two blank lines after the keywords, justify, with Tab for paragraphs.
  • Chapters (subchapters): TNR 12, bold, left aligned, a tone blank line from the text.
  • Figures, tables, diagrams and pictures: without borders, centered (if they are not included into the text), numbered in the order of their appearance in the text; table title is written above, with TNR 12, right aligned, legend is written below, centered, TNR 10, bold.
  • References: TNR 10
Journal, ex.: McGillivray T., Wallevand J.,  Jacobson B.,  NIR  analysis  of  molasses  chromatographic  separation  streams, Int.  Sugar Journal, 1998, 100,  1199-1204
Book, ex.: Jamsen P.A.,  Peters G.,  International  Encyclopaedia  of  Pharmacology  and  Therapeutics, C.J. Cavallito (Ed.),  Section  S,  Oxford,  New  York,  1973.


European Association for Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge into the Food Chain

European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

European Federation of Food Science and Technology

Global Harmonization Initiative.
Advocating science-based food safety law and trade

Asociația Specialiștilor de Industria Alimentară din România

University “Lucian Blaga” of Sibiu

Fundația ”Academia Ardeleană”

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