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Guidance for Reviewers and Authors                                                                                                                                     

The review process involves sending papers to at least two experts for review.
The manuscript is confidential. Any communication with the author of the manuscript must be done through the Board of the Journal.

The referee provides advice to the Editor-in-Chief, who makes the final decision, together with members of a well selected panel and the Editorial Board. We will normally pass on our comments (anonymously, of course) to the author.

The author and the reviewer are not known to each other unless otherwise requested by either party. In any case, such disclosure and communication is facilitated by the Editor-in-Chief.

Even if the paper is not accepted, the reviewers will make constructive comments that might help the author to improve the paper, or in preparing a new paper. For this reason, reviewers are kindly asked give  detailed comments (with references, where appropriate) that will help the Editor-in-Chief to make a decision on the paper and the authors to improve it.

Authors are no obliged to make the changes suggested by the reviewers as long as they can justify their position.